Bread Recipe

Bread Recipe

Be the Talk of the Town With a Fabulous New Pumpkin Bread Recipe Concept

Following you will find some easy-to-follow advice about pumpkin pie recipes.

One of the great things about the Halloween and Thanksgiving holidays is that pumpkins come in season and are abundantly available. Not only does this mean we have opportunities to partake of delicious pumpkin cheesecake and tasty pumpkin pie, but it also means we are free to use pumpkin in every baked good we can dream up!

Following are some fabulous new pumpkin bread recipe ideas.

Cinnamon and vanilla are the standard ingredients used in most recipes for pumpkin bread. Like an author with writer‘s block, this recipe lacks imagination and is restrictive. Can you feel free to think outside the box, outside the norm, and try to add new, tasty ingredients to your pumpkin bread?

Potential zingers to add include

  • Chocolate
  • Cherries
  • Different types of nuts

Don‘t be constrained by habit as far as picking ingredients to include in your pumpkin bread. Feel free to branch out and try new things. Act now to learn what culinary options you have. By matching flavors that appeal to you with pumpkin bread you bake at home, you‘ll experience new, and possibly delightful combinations.

Don‘t wait until the final day before Halloween or Thanksgiving to begin testing your new recipes for pumpkin bread. Not a good idea. Be flexible, and bend according to feedback you receive about your pumpkin bread.

You could grab the kids and have some baking nights. Experiment with your recipes, then have your family vote which one or ones they like best.

Halloween or Thanksgiving dessert times might be the prime beneficiaries of your efforts. Conceivably, your recipe will bring great pleasure when the dessert is served at the conclusion of your family’s Halloween or Thanksgiving meal. Maybe you’ll even get discovered by the food channel for your new pumpkin bread recipe idea!

It’s a possibility ….

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Does anyone have the Betty Crocker Banana Bread recipe that uses water, not milk, and has walnuts in it?

I always use the recipe from an older Betty Crocker but my laptop died and I can’t find it online. The recipe does not use milk, but water, and is a Banana Nut bread. Thanks!

Here’s one similar


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