Chicken Recipe

Chicken Recipe

Making Chicken Ala King Dinner Recipes 15 Minutes or Less

Chicken is a healthy way to obtain protein in your diet and you can find many versatile cooking methods to make sure you eat it in a healthy way. Not only are these methods nutritious and easy, but they are tasty and inexpensive as well. You do not have to fry up this poultry to enjoy the flavor. Flavor can be enjoyed in healthier ways if you are concerned about reducing calories and fat in your diet.

Even if you decided to cook chicken in healthy means, it will not make it less versatile. You will find hundreds of ways that you can create tasty variations of this mild meat. It goes well with sauces, is amazing with spices, and is great on the grill too. Since healthy issues are a reality for a lot of folks, learning to make the most out of poultry is key.

Of course, including chicken in simple chicken recipes, there are a few health and safety tips that you will need to keep in mind later on. First, make sure that the chicken has been cooked thoroughly. Ensure juices run clear or you can check the internal meat temperature with a meat thermometer. If you want to cut fat and calories, remove the skin on the portion you plan to cook. And to be safe, only reheat your leftovers one time and try not to keep it more than three days after you have cooked it.

One of the options for chicken is stir frying. Since you only need to use small amount of oil, this allows you to make dishes that are low fat. Include plenty of veggies that are low in calories and you will make stir fries even healthier options for you.

Roasting and baking are both healthy cooking methods that will provide you with tender poultry. You can easily put various vegetables in the same pan or roaster as well. Including herbs, onion, garlic, teriyaki sauce, or even soy sauce can boost the flavor. Make sure you add some liquid when using this cooking method to ensure you do not allow the meat to dry out.

Grilling is a tasty way to cook up some chicken without sabotaging your diet. It is a low fat and calorie method of cooking. The fat is able to drip away while you are grilling, cutting the fat content. To get the most out of its flavor, try in a nice marinade for 4-6 hours before you throw it on the grill. You could try rubbing with some olive oil and spices is a great idea if you are pressing for time.

And speaking of including chicken in different easy recipes, here is a extra tasty healthy recipe for Chicken Ala King

1 lbs white chicken meat, pre- cut
2 pcs med carrots, cut into 1″x 1″ cubes
2 pcs med potato ,cut into 1″x 1″ cubes
2 pcs green pepper, cut across and slice into square
1 cup campbells cream of mushroom (beat to softened)
1 cup mushroom bottom whole (cut half)
1 pc celery stalk, cut 1 cm thick
2 tbsp butter
½ cup liq. milk
50 gms grated cheese
1 tbsp crushed garlic
1 pc chopped onions
¼ tsp black pepper powder
salt to taste
1 cup chicken soup stock
1 tbsp flour dilute in 1/8 c water
– Heat the pan, melt butter in a low fire
– Saute garlic, onion and chicken, add salt and chicken stock, cook for 3 mins(med fire)
– Add carrots and potatoes , cook until tender
– Add mushroom bottoms , green pepper and celery stirring gently, add cream of mushroom, milk, cheese and black pepper (low heat, wait until it boils)
– Pour in diluted flour for the desired thickness
– Serve hot.
Good for: 8 person
Cooking time: 15 minutes
Best for: lunch, dinner, snacks & parties (special occasions)
Chicken Recipe with french fried onion coating?

Does anyone have the recipe for the chicken with the french fried onion coating?
Thanks! I didn’t realize it was so simple!

6 chicken breasts
1 1/2 (8 ounce) cans French-fried onions
1 1/2 eggs, well beaten

1preheat oven to 350 degrees.
2crush onions in ziplock bag.
3roll breast in egg then coat with onions.
4place in casserole dish.
5bake 20 minutes.

Serve for 6

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